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In this guide, we’ll discuss the container chassis definition, container chassis types, and how much a container chassis costs. Before we continue into details it is significant that one understands the basic information about container chassis. 

Ideally, a container chassis is a trailer frame designed to help transport any container type. It can easily maneuver even when carrying huge loads. It is equipment that supports an entire supply chain management network. 

container chassis
Container Chassis

What is a Chassis for Containers?

It is also referred to as an intermodal chassis, built using a wheeled structure to transport containers through trucks between ports, distribution centers, 3pl warehouses, and terminals. 

Traditionally, a chassis had an axle system and tires with a body made of the steel frame. In modern technologies, chassis have weight sensors, GPS tracking, ABS, and LED lights. In fact, chassis are hyped for making shipping containers effortless, easy, and efficient. 

The ISO standard containers are 20ft and 40ft with 36,000 pounds and 44,000 pounds weight respectively and can both be transported using a standard chassis. 

Container Chassis Types

Precisely, there are three popularly known container chassis that can adapt any design as long as it makes the loading and unloading of containers effortless. Here is the list of the different types of container chassis. 

Extendable Container Chassis 

This container chassis takes after its name and its size can be extended to fit any container size. The extendable container chassis accommodates the wider containers as it can be extended at the back. 

Tilt Container Chassis

container chassis 2
Container Chassis

This container chassis has a pivot device used to help make loading and unloading of cargo pretty simple and easy. It has both a lower and upper frame and a hydraulic system is attached to the upper frame. The tilt container chassis with a special design will cost higher but will be super effective, time-saving, and cheaper in the long run. 

Normal Container Chassis

This is the commonly known type of container chassis. It is simply made of steel frames with the sole purpose of loading and unloading containers. It is easy to load containers using an overhead crane. In fact, this container chassis is affordable, but you will have to incur the crane’s cost. 

We can’t wrap up discussing the types of container chassis without categorizing the container chassis based on their dimensions(height, weight), design, and purpose. 

Container Chassis Dimension and Measurements

  1. 48 feet to 53 feet container chassis. 
  2. 40 feet to 45 feet container chassis. 
  3. 20 feet container chassis. 

Design of chassis: height, weight

  1. Canadian container chassis. 
  2. Combo container chassis. 
  3. Straight frame container chassis. 
  4. Rear B-train container chassis. 
  5. Heavy-duty container chassis. 
  6. Light-weight container chassis. 
  7. Extendable container chassis.
  8. Gooseneck container chassis. 


  1. All container chassis models. 
  2. Generator container chassis. 
  3. Flatbed container chassis. 
  4. Tank container chassis. 

How much does a Container Chassis Cost? 

container chassis3
Container Chassis Costs

In fact, before deciding on the type of truck container chassis to buy or rent you need to understand the cost. Cost varies depending on the container chassis type, for example, specialized container chassis are more expensive compared to the common container chassis types. 

However, the market is so fair that you can either purchase or rent a typical container chassis. Did you know you can rent a container chassis? This depends on the intended use and the time you will require to have the chassis. If you are a one-time transporter then you shouldn’t mind purchasing a chassis, renting one will be cost-effective.

In the United States, a chassis cost you anywhere from about $7,000 to $29,999. If you intend to rent this will cost anywhere between $15 – $30. Renting a container chassis will also attract extra charges such as a chassis usage fee.

In reality, shipping ports are congested due to the increased shipping activities today. This has in return increased the cost of renting chassis due to increased demand. In fact, MAERSK one of the leading transport logistics company exit from the chassis business forced trucking agencies to either buy or rent container chassis.

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