Miami is a tourist hotspot and, as a result, has a lot of hotels. These hotels range in size and quality. They all need a constant stream of supplies, from food to cleaning equipment, to remain operational. On top of this, hotels must re-design from time to time to avoid becoming dated and dingy. All of these demands mean that a robust supply chain is an essential thing for a hotel to have. To assist you with finding the right logistics partner, we have compiled a list of the best hotel logistics companies in Miami.

4. Suddath

With over 50 million pounds of fixtures, furniture, and equipment (FF&E) in storage and 30,000 hotel rooms installed, Suddath is more than capable of managing your hotel’s logistics needs. They have a wide range of hospitality services available to you. On top of that, Suddath has a real-time inventory and tier-1 WMS.

  • Phone: (305) 742-0102
  • Address: 3880 West 104th Street, Suite 21, Hialeah, FL

3. American Fargo

A Miami company through and through, American Fargo is ready to help you with your hotel logistics needs. Having been in the business since 1949 they offer full service FF&E, OS&E, hotel relocations, and amenity procurement. They are also a family-owned business.

  • Phone: (786) 788-7010 | (800) 920-8577
  • Address: 3353 N.W. 74th Avenue Miami, FL 33122


Kuehne+Nagel has a wide range of logistics services tailored for the hospitality industry. They understand the complex supply chains are required to ensure that your guests always have the best experience. Kuehne+Nagel is ready to take a load of hotel logistics off your back.

Address: N.W. 129Ths Avenue Chb 4455 1350, Miami 33182, United States

1. Freight Hub Group

We allow for the easy management of your supply chain with a team of experts, which can help you streamline your operations. Our engineers work in conjunction with TruckHub to allow an “Uber-Like” experience. That means you can follow your deliveries from pickup to dropoff. That brings peace of mind when managing your hotel’s logistics.

  • Phone: (786) 589-6506 | 1(888) 219-4544
  • Email:
  • Address: 3300 NW 110 Street Miami FL 33167


  • Luis Lopez

    Mr. Luis Lopez is a serial entrepreneur who sets the standards in logistics from South Florida to the world. Founder of one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, ranked by INC 5000 Magazine.

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