Aerial Shot of Port Everglades NEW
Aerial Shot of Port Everglades NEW

The Port of Everglades opens the gates to economic prowess. Its strategic location allows for both local and international trade and cruises. It serves the Hazmat industry as well as other industries.

The History of Port Everglades

The port of Everglades started operating during the second world war. As the deepest of all harbors in the United States, it was primarily used by farmers to transport their produce to the market. The peak seasons at the port are from November to April of each year. Today the port of Everglades is still serving industries such as the oil industry, in moving vital petroleum products. Its revenue primarily comes from exports; thus, it does not require support from the county of Broward. It also serves as an attractive destination for tourist cruises, which in turn, boosts the overall income in the tourism sector.

Future of Everglades

The Port of Everglades will continue to offer exceptional services in the oil industry(oil trucking) and tourism sectors. The economic graph is expected to accelerate due to the inventions of better services for both local and international market, which is expected to create more jobs for local talents. It is essential to understand that the port of everglade is a gateway that creates opportunities for the locals of Broward County.

With good governance, peaceful engagements, adherence to work ethics, and excellent services. This port will continue to bring in lucrative amounts of revenue for the country. The money will consequently lead to economic prowess, thus a sustainable income for the residents and a pleasant working environment.

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