Hit the Road | Exploring America’s Longest Highways

The vastness of the United States is undeniable. Whether you’re cruising down long stretches of asphalt or navigating bustling cityscapes, the country’s landscape is a tapestry of diverse experiences. This vastness is further underscored by our extensive highway system, boasting some of the longest roads globally.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the US’s longest highways, exploring these iconic routes that snake across mountains, traverse deserts, and connect coastlines. From east to west, north to south, get ready for a virtual road trip across some of America’s most impressive roadways!

Interstate 90 | 3,101.77 miles

#1. Interstate 90 | 3,101.77 miles

I-90: Coast to Coast Champion

Clocking in at an impressive 3,021 miles (4,862 kilometers), Interstate 90 wears the crown as the longest east-west freeway in the United States. It’s a true transcontinental journey, starting in Seattle, Washington, and weaving its way across diverse landscapes – the Pacific Northwest’s lush greenery, the rugged peaks of the Mountain West, the vast expanse of the Great Plains, the bustling Midwest, and finally reaching its eastern terminus in Boston, Massachusetts.

I-90 isn’t just a long road; it’s a vital artery connecting 13 states. Major cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Rochester benefit from its convenient access through a network of 16 auxiliary routes.

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US Route 20 | 3,365 miles

#2. US Route 20 | 3,365 miles

U.S. Route 20: A Historic Coast-to-Coast Journey

U.S. Route 20 (US 20) is a true American classic, stretching from the Pacific Northwest’s vibrant cities to the charming towns of New England. As part of the United States Numbered Highway system, the “0” in its designation signifies its status as a major coast-to-coast route.

While not the current titleholder, US 20 once held the crown for the longest road in the US, clocking in at an impressive 3,365 miles (5,415 kilometers). Interestingly, the newer Interstate 90 (I-90) follows a roughly parallel path, offering a more modern alternative for some travelers.

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US Route 30 | 3,073 miles

#3. US Route 30 | 3,073 miles

U.S. Route 30: Following in the Footsteps of History

U.S. Route 30 (US 30) stretches an impressive 3,073 miles across the northern United States, serving as a vital east-west artery. This historic route holds a special place in American travel history. A significant portion of US 30 traces the path of the legendary Lincoln Highway, the first road to traverse the country from New York City to San Francisco. Nicknames like “The Lincoln Highway” still echo in many towns along the route, a testament to its enduring legacy.

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Interstate 10 | 2,460.34 miles

#4. Interstate 10 | 2,460.34 miles

I-10: Sunshine State to Golden Coast

I-10 holds the title of the southernmost coast-to-coast route in the US Interstate Highway System. Stretching an impressive 2,460 miles (3,959 kilometers), it ranks as the fourth-longest Interstate in the nation.

Imagine cruising along sunny beaches and through vibrant cities – that’s the journey I-10 offers. It starts at the iconic Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) in Santa Monica, California, and winds its way all the way to Jacksonville, Florida, meeting I-95 on the Atlantic Coast.

This highway isn’t just about distance; it’s a connector of major metropolitan areas. From the bustling streets of Los Angeles and Phoenix to the heart of New Orleans and the charm of Jacksonville, I-10 threads its way through some of America’s most captivating cities. Interestingly, the longest and widest stretch of I-10 lies within the state of Texas!

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US Route 6 | 3,207.22 miles

#5. US Route 6 | 3,207.22 miles

U.S. Route 6: The Grand Army’s Unconventional Journey

US Route 6, also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, honors the veterans of the American Civil War. This 3,207-mile diagonal route carves its own path across the United States, standing out from the grid-like pattern of most highways.

Unlike its more conventional counterparts, US 6 wasn’t originally a coast-to-coast route. Until the late 1960s, it only stretched east of Erie, Pennsylvania. Later extensions incorporated and replaced sections of older roads, shaping the route we know today. Interestingly, US 6 doesn’t serve as a major transcontinental corridor, but its unique path offers a different perspective on American travel.

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Interstate 70 | 2,153.13 miles

#6. Interstate 70 | 2,153.13 miles

I-70: A Journey Through America’s Heartland

Uniting east and west, Interstate 70 stretches an impressive 2,153 miles (3,465 kilometers) across the heart of America. Nicknamed the “Main Street of the Rockies” for a reason, this highway begins in Cove Fort, Utah, and winds its way east to Baltimore, Maryland.

Along the way, I-70 traverses 10 states, offering a true cross-section of the American experience. Cruise through the bustling energy of Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Columbus – some of the nation’s most vibrant cities. This iconic route isn’t just about urban landscapes; it also threads through breathtaking scenery, making it a journey for all.

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Interstate 95 | 1,908.74 miles

#7. Interstate 95 | 1,908.74 miles

I-95: Sun-Kissed Shores to Northern Lights

I-95, the crown jewel of the East Coast, stretches an impressive 1,908 miles, connecting sun-drenched Miami, Florida, with the northern gateway of Houlton, Maine, on the Canadian border. Imagine cruising along the Atlantic coastline, with salty breezes and ocean views keeping you company for much of the journey.

While I-95 follows the general path of US 1, there are a few exceptions. Between Savannah, Georgia, and Washington D.C., and again between Portland, Maine, and Houlton, the interstate takes a more direct route inland. This offers travelers the choice between a coastal adventure and a potentially quicker route depending on their priorities.

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US Route 12 | 2,483.01 miles

#8. US Route 12 | 2,483.01 miles

US Route 12: A Coast-to-Coast Classic (with a Twist)

Clocking in at nearly 2,500 miles, US Route 12 is one of America’s longest east-west highways, stretching from the shores of Aberdeen, Washington, to the bustling streets of Detroit, Michigan. While sections of US 12 have been superseded by the more modern Interstates 90 and 94, this historic route maintains its charm as a scenic alternative for local and regional travelers.

Imagine cruising through diverse landscapes – from the Pacific Northwest’s lush greenery to the industrial heartland of Michigan. US 12 offers a unique perspective on American travel, connecting big cities and small towns along the way.

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Interstate 94 | 1,585.20 miles

#9. Interstate 94 | 1,585.20 miles

I-94: East Meets West, North of the Border

I-94 holds a unique distinction – it’s the only east-west interstate highway with a direct connection to Canada! Stretching 1,585 miles from Billings, Montana, to Port Huron, Michigan, it acts as a vital link between the Great Plains and the Great Lakes.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. I-94 seamlessly connects to Ontario Highway 402 via the Blue Water Bridge, opening a direct route from Seattle (via I-90) all the way to Toronto (via Ontario Highway 401).

Whether you’re cruising through the vast plains or following the shores of the Great Lakes, I-94 offers a taste of the diverse landscapes that define America’s north.

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Interstate 35 | 1,568.38 miles

#10. Interstate 35 | 1,568.38 miles

I-35: Border to Border, Tex-Mex to the Great White North

Interstate 35 stretches an impressive 1,568 miles, making it a true north-south artery. Nicknamed the “NAFTA Highway” for its historic role in trade between the US, Mexico, and Canada, I-35 takes you on a journey from the heart of Texas to the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

Your adventure begins in Laredo, Texas, right on the US-Mexico border, where the vibrant Tex-Mex culture thrives. As you head north, the landscape transforms, offering a glimpse of everything from rolling plains to bustling cities. The journey culminates in Duluth, Minnesota, a city nestled on the shores of the majestic Lake Superior, offering a taste of the Great White North.

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Conclusion: The 10 Longest Highways In The USA (United States of America)


Hit the Road: Exploring America’s Longest Highways

The vastness of the United States is undeniable. From coast to coast and border to border, our extensive highway system allows for epic road trips across some of the most diverse landscapes imaginable. In this blog post, we’ve explored 10 of the longest highways in the US, each offering a unique adventure.

We’ve journeyed along the historic east-west routes of I-90 and US 20, cruised down the sunshine coast on I-10, and explored the unconventional path of US 6. We’ve traversed the heartland on I-70, followed the Atlantic shoreline on I-95, and experienced the contrasting scenery of US 12. For those seeking a northern adventure, I-94 offers a taste of the Great Plains and a direct connection to Canada, while I-35 takes you from the Tex-Mex border all the way to the shores of Lake Superior.

Conclusion: America’s Highways – A Journey Through History and Scenery

These highways are more than just long stretches of asphalt. They’re ribbons of history, connecting communities, cultures, and natural wonders. Whether you’re a seasoned road tripper or an armchair traveler, America’s longest highways offer a glimpse into the soul of the nation. So, fire up the engine (or open a map!), and chart your own course on these legendary routes.

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