The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 has altered every sector of development across regions.The subsequent enforcement of several measures, including partial and total lockdowns as well as movement cessation in different countries, have directly changed the typical operational landscape.

For instance, the business sector is one of the functioning areas that face uncertainties amid the pandemic with various corporate entities facing closure because customers cannot access enterprises and exercise in-store purchases.Despite the challenges, businesses face the necessity to continue their operations with the aims of satisfying the unending demands from the customer population.

How are businesses doing it during this period of customer uncertainty? Well, this period provides real chances for entities to flex their muscles in integrating the new technologies for logistical services.With the cessation of movement in many countries, for example, customers have no options rather than relying on businesses for product delivery services.

At Freight Hub Group we provide Tech-enabled services such as Truckhub that enable clients to track their cargo in real-time.

Online Ordering Systems

Amid the effects of the COVID19 pandemic, online ordering is the most sought after opportunity for both businesses and customers to continue their beneficial synergies.

For instance, the statistics behind online ordering systems are satisfactory in outlining the positivity of online opportunities. So far this year, over 2 billion customers have placed online orders and subsequently receiving their freights without having to get out of their respective places.Further, there are projections that online orders will stretch at the end of the year, with their value expected to hit over $4billions.Often, customers have broad online opportunities at their disposal. Often, they can make online orders through their mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and even their advanced smart TVs.

Mostly, customers have initiated online orders for vital products such as food, clothes, and other essentials that enable them to cope with adversities from the COVID 19 pandemic.

Order Delivery Mechanisms

Strategies for satisfying customers’ pending orders require proper understanding of all aspects including order management with respect to placement time, delivery schedules, and the determination of customer exact location details.

In recent times, logistical giants have integrated various technologies in the bid to revitalize their delivery services. Some of the modest technologies that are at the center stage this year include:

1. Use of Geolocation information devices

Logistical giants across the world have embarked on the utilization of location sensors and other devices that have the capabilities to determine customer location details. Geolocation systems such as GPRS, among other vital approaches are proving to be essential in bridging gaps between customers and businesses with respect to order delivery.

Additionally, the utilization of geolocation knowledge is providing enterprises with opportunities to understand the geographical factors that affect customers.

2. Use of robots and drones

With the cessation of movements, businesses have opted for the utilization of artificial intelligence gadgets, including robots and drones, to make product deliveries within distance ranges. Such technologies are essential in limiting human-human contacts in the bid to curtail the spread of COVID 19 pandemic. Robots and drones have largely reduced distance gaps between customers and businesses, especially in areas of high susceptibility of COVID 19 diseases.

Also, they provide opportunities for future developments in logistical opportunities and the overall commerce sector.

3. Process automation

Logistical giants have seen the need to automate almost every process in attempts to ensure process efficiency. Certainly, automatizing vital processes has enabled timely processing of customer orders, reliable deliveries through autonomous vehicles, among other benefits.

Final thoughts

With the emergence of COVID 19 pandemic, customers and businesses have shifted the focus to online ordering and delivery systems.

Despite the presence of many opportunities with respect to placing online orders, businesses’ capacities to record, manage, and deliver such orders have provided the need to enhance logistical knowhow to satisfy customers’ preferences.Significantly, the emergence of various technologies, including geolocation devices, robots, and drones, has enhanced corporate capacities to deliver products with respect to time and demand.

At Freight Hub Group all our trucking fleet, vehicles, and warehouse are tech-enabled. The Hubs in South Florida are also offering online transactions so that customers can manage their freight from the comfort of their workplace.


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