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Starting from 2020, clients who use Port of Miami and Everglades will be paying new port tariffs.

The move is expected to affect major clients, including logistics companies such as Dray Hub that operates within the two ports.

The new tariffs are expected to apply in storage, dockage, parking, and security services offered by the ports’ management.

The management at Port Everglades has come up with specific instructions and requirements that dictate how dry cargo should be handled.

The new tariffs also provide a stipulation of a $70 penalty for clients that violate staging rules concerning container storage.

Full containers destined to other ports will be charged $39.75, while empty containers will be charged $26.95.

The wharfage rate at Port Everglades will be set at a standard rate of $40 for a 2000 pound r 40 cubic container whichever is better.

Port of Miami’s new tariffs means that containers will be charged a standard rate of $38.75 regardless of whether loaded or not.

For a hub logistics company such as Dray Hub to rent warehouse space at the port facility, it will cost a maximum of $6 per square foot.

The lease for an open ground space will be set at $15 per square foot on an annual basis.

The wharfage rate at Port Miami will be an average of $40, while the parking rate will be $22 during the night and $8 during the day.

The new tariffs are expected to take immediate effect in January 2020 and are expected to determine the fees charged by various hub logistics companies that operate in both ports.




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