South Florida Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

• Hurricanes occur between June 1st to November 30th
• Good knowledge of hurricane terms will help you understand the weather
forecast to help you prepare well
• If you are living in the coastal region, it is advisable to vacate before the
storm hits

The hurricane season in South Florida starts in June and lasts for three months with the storms
peaking in August and September. The storm varies in size, intensity, and angle, so it is good to
understand all these factors to be well prepared. It comes with lashing winds, torrential rains,
and intense storms. Hurricanes have huge impacts on the capacity and spend in the 3PL
industry, and preparedness is the key. They suffer major disruptions, which hugely affect the
food chain.

What to be Aware Of Concerning Hurricanes in South Florida
Hurricanes in the South Florida area are common, and residents are encouraged to get as many
facts as possible concerning the storm to be well-prepared. Many hurricanes hit South Florida
during the “hurricane season.”
Over the years, it has experienced hurricanes such as Michael, Matthew, Katrina, Andrew,
Wilma, Rita, and tropical storm Gordon in 2018. Information about hurricanes is readily
available at the government website where you can get all the facts that you need to know in
ordered to stay prepared.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

To prepare for a hurricane, stock up emergency supplies like food, water, medication, gasoline,
and batteries. Residents living in the coastal region should evacuate to safer grounds.
To prepare for the storm and prevent disaster use the following checklist:

Discuss whether you’ll need to evacuate
Ensure that you protect your assets by reviewing your insurance policies.
Check the vulnerable areas in your home and determine the best action to take.
Secure your documents
Pack coolers and ice packs
Water and non-perishable food
Items for personal hygiene and sanitation
Those in the 3pl industry should ensure that they make use of technology to manage
increased orders and provide visibility.
To avoid sending orders to closed areas as a result of the hurricanes, trackers should be aware
of the government announcements

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Good knowledge and understanding of hurricane terms will save you and your family from disaster. Familiarize yourself with hurricane terms so that you can understand the information during forecasts.

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