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In this article, we shall discuss how to secure a container to a chassis and the types of lock for a container. Do you think it is significant to secure a container to a chassis? 

Let’s dive in! 

container chassis 2
Container Chassis

Ever thought of how intermodal containers are secured onto a chassis?

One has to be extra careful when hooking the container to the chassis by ensuring that all the four corners of the container are securely attached to the chassis. How is this achieved? It is achieved by ensuring the integral locking devices on the front and the rear of the chassis are independently well clamped with twist-locks. However, when the integral locking device is defective, chassis are secured by wire-ropes.

If a container is not properly secured well onto the chassis and rests well upon the vehicle, it can cause unintentional damage to the goods in the unfastened container when the vehicle finds a bump while in transit. Integral devices hold the handle in position by the help of gravity.

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Types of Lock for Container 

There are different ‌locks for shipping containers. Securing your container in a manner that prevents any sought damage or theft will keep your cargo or freight safe. Imagine, leaving your truck in a parking station with no integral locking devices, sounds careless, what do you think? 

Let us have a look at some of the most popular types of lock for containers. 

  1. Roll Door 

A roll-up door is a very efficient component in a shipping container.It may need simple padlock which can come with various designs installed at different positions to enhance security of the shipping container. Some locks are installed at the bottom of the container door with a mechanism that makes them automatically close when the door opens.

  1. Truck seal.

Seals are the least expensive securing devices used to prevent the shipping container from opening while in transit. Though most seals are made of plastic ties, there are those made of metal bolts to enhance security.

  1. Padlocks.

Padlocks are typical securing devices used to secure every type of cargo. Padlock used for shipping containers are steel designed in a U shape making it easy to attach it to the loop in the container’s lockbox.

    4. Shackle hidden 

A shackle hidden lock is easy to use when combined with tampering protection of a deadbolt or latch single lock. The shackle hidden lock is enclosed thus making it very hard to break. These locks are convenient in areas with security concerns or with high value cargos. Shackle locks are compatible with matching hasps which are integral parts while mounting the lock on the container.

    5. Crossbar 

Crossbar locks are also commonly used in shipping containers. These locks are made of tubular steel that are extendable and are attached to the shipping container door by locking rods or by handles. Crossbar locks use a key mechanism to fasten in place by ensuring they are securely clamped thus preventing the doors from accidental opening.

container chassis secure
Container Chassis Secure

To wrap up, understanding how to secure a container to a chassis is an important process in freight supply chain management. Ideally, you can’t downplay securing containers to chassis for a successful intermodal transport system. Always ensure the container chassis is secure before starting the journey to the next destination. 

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