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Freight Hub Group Podcast Coming

Freight Hub Group Podcast

The Freight Hub Podcast is coming soon. Want to learn more about the minds behind the ULTIMATE Asset-Based 3PL, Freight Hub? The Podcast is going to cover every topic under the 3PL sun. From the life experience of our local LTL dispatchers to the stories provided by our nationwide drivers, this podcast has you covered. This podcast will shed new light on Freight Hub. Basic information, such as our location, can be found just through the contact page of our comprehensive site. But what about the behind the scenes moments? You can’t judge a book by its cover and the same goes for Freight Hub. But why a podcast?

Why a Podcast?

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A podcast lets you have a glimpse at the people behind the scenes. “What kind of person is XYZ at their nationwide department?” We hope to answer these questions and more along the way. This podcast isn’t just aiming to be strictly informational. We’re trying to be entertaining too. The Freight Hub podcast is a journey that begins at its first episode. Every company changes with time. This podcast is going to start a story of what Freight Hub is, who works there, and why Freight Hub presents necessary change for the 3PL industry.

The first episode of the Freight Hub Group podcast is going to cover the leaders behind our various departments. They will be going over their day to day operations as well as the challenges they face in their specific departments. This isn’t just an interview, however, this is a conversation. Expect some back and forth, some comedy, and some enlightenment. Freight Hub is more than the Ultimate Asset-Based 3PL.

Freight Hub Group its people. Without the people that make up Freight Hub, it wouldn’t be the same company. That’s why we’re starting with the leaders. The leaders give each department its own flavor. That flavor forms the people that work there. Each department is unique, as are its employees. That’s why the podcast will also give a literally behind the scenes look. The Freight Hub podcast will give a grand tour of Freight Hub Headquarters. That way whoever tunes in gets a special look at Freight Hub.

A Summary

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The Freight Hub Group Podcast is coming soon. We will give viewers who tune in a special behind the scenes look at how Freight Hub runs its operations, its headquarters, and its leaders. The podcast aims to show who runs the various operations. People will learn of their philosophies, their tactics, and their challenges. Additionally, the podcast will cover how technology benefits every facet of our operations. TruckHub, our in-house TMS, is a major factor to our operations. The leaders will cover how they feel about it, what they like, and what they don’t like. Freight Hub is the Ultimate Asset-Based 3PL. It’s constantly evolving using its tech-based methods. Its asset-based services provide a plethora of benefits. Freight Hub is the future of the 3PL Industry.

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based 3PL Logistics Trucking Company that can assure you transparency from the port to your destination nationwide, request a free 3pl quote today and discover your asset-based logistics solution.

For more information, follow us each week for the 3PL Industry news or contact Freight Hub here.


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