Podcast Episode 1⼁Freight Hub Group

Trucking, Technology and More on Freight Hub Premier Podcast with Rich Mirkovits of Coyote Logistics.

TruckHub Founder Luis Lopez sat down with Rich Mirkovits of Coyote Logistics, a UPS company, and Ray Perez, FTL Hub Manager, to talk about the importance of innovating in the logistics industry. Read more as we explore podcast episode 1!

podcast episode 1 with luis lopez

Listen in as these 3PL industry leaders discuss how transportation and third-party logistics (3PL) companies can no longer get by with the basics. In order to remain relevant in the present and lead the way, 3PL providers must focus on the experience of their customers in a tech-driven environment.

“Automation is the future. Tracking is the future. Real-time updates and visibility to our customers is something that is not an option anymore it is a necessity.”

Rich Mirkovits, Coyote Logistics

Podcast Episode 1 Highlights:

  • The importance of providing a digital footprint through transportation management systems (TMS) and software with intuitive and practical applications
  • 90% of trucking companies are using pen and paper and excel spreadsheets
  • Major companies are not using logistics providers who are not implementing tech and automation
  • Culture shifts in the trucking industry resulting from technology- oriented companies, like Uber Freight
  • The efficiency of software like TruckHub


TruckHub logo on freight hub podcast


TruckHub is clean, modern and simple to use. The app features a dashboard that conveniently displays a summary of all the user’s earnings and shipments. Drivers, dispatchers and shippers alike can login to their dashboard and see which shipments are active, pending and completed as well as the breakdown of the types of cargo in transit. Check out the podcast, episode 2, click here!

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Transportation Management Systems
Matthew Schiffer, from Jusda, on FreightHub Group Podcast, discussing 4PL and 3PL
Podcast Episode 2⼁Freight Hub Group

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