Who is Responsible for eBay Shipments?

eBay warehouse delivers products worldwide Global Shipping Program US sellers can ship to more than 100 countries. eBay is a multinational e-commerce corporation in San Jose, California America. The e-commerce store facilitates business to consumer as well as consumer to consumer sales through their website www.ebay.com. This renowned e-commerce website was founded back in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. As of 2011, the site was operating in more than 30 countries.eBay shopping

This company manages eBay shopping website where retailers sell goods to customers throughout the world. It is free to own and operate a business on eBay as well as buying an item. Different products can be purchased by you and there and shipped to every part of the world. Since they are one of the world’s renowned retailers, the site ships customers’ merchandise throughout the world. Shipping cannot be done solely, as they have to depend on the services of a 3PL company.

How eBay manages to deliver products Worldwide

When you shop from eBay internationally, your products are shipped right to your locality. The company uses regular shipping services to deliver products overseas. If you come from the US or UK, this company will deliver your product through the Global Shipping Program, otherwise abbreviated as (GSP). All in all, they need the help of a certified 3PL company to do this. Benefits of eBay’s Global Shipping Program Overseas customers can take advantage of the GSP since it reduces the time and the complexity of shipping products overseas.

The benefits of the eBay Shipping Program include:

  • Products being shipped internationally or even for you locally are shipped through a convenient 3PL service which is covered by your eBay.
  • Sellers don’t have to fill out forms or levied taxes on the deliveries since the site already includes them.
  • At the moment, sellers from the US can ship to more than 100 countries. A reputable and experienced 3PL company ships products.
  • Some of the countries that they ship to include:- Antigua, Barbuda, Aruba, Australia, Bahrain, Barbados Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Latvia, Liechtenstein, the UK, and much more.

International buyers are cautioned that the shipping cost could be more and possibly take longer than you might expect. However, when you the seller is using eBay’s GSP, all logistical challenges involved such as customs clearance will sbe taken care of by the website.

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