Is 3PL similar to 4PL
How different are these logistics providers?
Which among the two is more common and why

Learn more about 3PL and 4PL logistical systems

In a third party logistics, a provider may subcontract transport and logistics outsourced to them by
the central enterprise which oversees everything. On the other hand, 4PL logistics involves an
enterprise choosing to outsource management as well as the execution of logistics in the supply
chain. If you are after optimizing your business’ supply chain, you may be confused about whether to
3PL or 4PL logistics provider because a wrong choice will negatively affect your services.
Differences between 3PL and 4PL
The main difference that distinguishes 3PL from 4PL is the responsibility and control a client has in
their supply chain. While 3PL only handles shipments, 4PL handles the whole company’s supply

A third-party logistics is responsible for performing the following tasks under your business name:

Receiving your goods and storing them.
Packing the assets as needed.
Managing the products if need be.
Finally delivering the goods.

3PL to 4PL

A 4PL similarly executes all the above tasks together with managing the whole supply chain in terms
of managerial decisions and legalities. It completely controls your supply chain with its resources.
How similar is 3PL to 4PL?

Apart from the overall managerial decisions of your company, both 3pl and 4pl are involved in
receiving the required goods, handling them, storage, and delivery to their final destination. They
both have their fair share of the good and bad side, and getting one depends on how you want your
supply chain management to function.

Whether to choose between a 3PL or 4PL logistics provider depends on your business’ needs. At
what level do you want to be in control of your business and how much you can invest in the
logistics are the main things that will help you choose and provider?

Most companies prefer 3pl providers since they can oversee all activities and make decisions for
their business. Those who opt for 4pl may want to get rid of the burden of responsibility associated
with logistics and supply chain.

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