Before online services took over the logistics world, most consumers relied on freight brokers to get quotes. To better understand who they are, a definition would suffice. A freight broker is an individual or company that acts as a middle man between a consumer and freight company. 

Such brokers, though prevalent in the industry, don’t actually transport the goods. They’re there to represent the freight company and offer quotes. That was then. Nowadays, all a consumer needs is a computer and internet service to contact the logistics companies. The onset of such online services has come to the relief of many consumers who no longer have to pay exorbitant charges. Additionally, there’s less stress in dealing with only one Logistics Company at a time. Now customers can compare prices and services that several companies offer at once. 

Such revelations are why many clients are now enjoying great benefits when using online freight quotes services. 

Advantages of Online Freight Quote Services

There are numerous benefits clients can relish when using online freight quote services. Here are the benefits.

Elimination of Brokers

As earlier stated, brokers were once a prominent part of logistics across the globe. With the onset of online services, they’re slowly being weeded out, much to customers’ benefit. These brokers were the only way to access freight quotes from logistics companies. 

The nature of their services was cumbersome to many clients. To compare different services, one had to visit several brokers. Now, with the click of a mouse, clients can access numerous freight companies anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the cost of dealing with brokers is eliminated and reflects in reduced shipping costs. 

Hundreds of Freight Companies To Choose From

There’s no limitation to how many freight companies customers can access at any one time. All of them have detailed websites that provide software for calculating total costs without needing any assistance.

In case a client has a question, most have live online chat services with personnel ready to offer assistance 24/7. 

Having a pool of companies to choose from helps clients get the best services and even take advantage of offers. 

Tracking Numbers

Online services have now made it easier for customers to keep an eye on their goods while shipping. Using tracking numbers makes it easy to pinpoint the exact location of the goods anywhere in the world.

Most logistics companies provide a portal on their websites where a customer feeds in the number and knows where goods are at that moment. 

24/7 Freight Services

Back when brokers were the only way to get quotes, customers could only access them during business hours. This was limiting many clients, but that’s no longer the case.

Today customers can access freight company services 24/7 and get quotes from anywhere in the world. 

24/7 accessibility continues to impact the logistics industry and grow economies. Consequently, trackers who are in charge of delivering up to 70% of goods get more business as a result. 

Customizing Quotes According to Customer Budget

No matter the size of the budget a customer has, it’s easy to customize freight quotes to fit it. With many options available in terms of freight companies, research will reveal the best options.

This means a client won’t have to go over budget to get their goods shipped from one destination to another. 

Summary of Benefits Offered by Online Services

Online services have made access to freight quotes easier and faster for all. With a little research, a customer can access the best company to use at every shipping stage.

Such accessibility to information helps reduce costs, track goods using tracking numbers, and get immediate assistance. 


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    Mr. Luis Lopez is a serial entrepreneur who sets the standards in logistics from South Florida to the world. Founder of one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, ranked by INC 5000 Magazine.

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