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Ideally, automotive logistics is popularly known as the biggest, most advanced and executive logistics industry. It involves the meticulous organization and execution of a complex car transportation process. Automotive logistics include all modes of transportation like marine, rail and trucks. Its main aim is to give the best quality service at minimal operational costs.

Basically, the automotive industry is faced with intricate challenges when it comes to logistics. Due to this, the automotive logistics companies are forced to come up with innovative solutions, to counter the globalization and necessities of their customers.

The automotive supply chain companies play a reasonable part in ensuring that there is a smooth flow of goods in the industry.

automotive logistics provider
Automotive Logistics Provider

Automotive Logistics Providers and Market

The increase in production for vehicles all over the world has led to the rise of the automotive logistics market. This has additionally led to a surge in the demand for automotive logistics services, for the shipping of automotive items, spare parts and finished vehicles.

This report covers the key improvements and developments in the automotive logistics market, as an organic and inorganic growth approach. Several companies prefer to concentrate on organic advancement methods. These are such as commodity launches, commodity approvals, events and patents.

On the other hand, inorganic growth approaches activities present in the market are such as partnerships, acquisitions and collaborations. All these activities have opened the way for businesses to expand.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been massive disorganization in the production of various products along with cars. The sharp decrease in the growth of automobile manufacturing has affected the growth of the global automotive logistics market. In the beginning of 2021, the automotive industry experienced a remarkable rise in sales.

Because of this, the demand for logistics services also rose, boosting the automotive logistics market growth in the year, both for international and national transport.

List of Automotive Logistics Companies

Automotive logistics providers can be defined as companies which manufacture commodities, utilized in the process of production for an automobile, which means they supply these commodities either directly or indirectly to a manufacturer of automobiles.


This company is a seaport situated logistics services provider with a global network. The company was founded over 140 years ago and has since continued to gain strength in this sector.

Ryder System

This service provider is dedicated to provide transportation and supply chain solutions. It offers business truck rental, truck leasing second hand trucks for sale and last mile delivery services.


GEFCO offers global and combined management of the logistics chain for its industrial customers.

CEVA Logistics

This company provides services depending on the needs of their customers. They also operate on their own auto carrier trucks. However, CEVA Logistics are not brokers.


This is the largest consolidated logistics provider and private owner and industrial real estate developer in the Middle East and North Africa. Over the years, Agility has acquired over 40 logistics brands in the world.

Automotive Logistics Solutions

auto parts logistics
Auto Parts Logistics

DB Schenker is exceptionally positioned to provide services that incorporate transportation and distribution, consolidation and deconsolidation, together with supply chain management solutions for each market around the world. There is no need for the customers to worry about where their shipments need to go, since they arrive at their destinations fast and reliably.

Due to DB Schenker’s value-added services, our strategies of uninterrupted improvements, the customer is able to stay ahead of their competition. This means that when the customer enters a new market, plans for a new production facility, or they solely require a logistics partner to boost their supply chain, DB Schenker’s personalized solutions meet their exact needs.

The automotive logistics news available reviews the past, real time and forecast period of the automotive logistics sector. As discussed above, the automotive sector as a whole is in extreme crisis. The market shrank as the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the ability of manufacturers to make vehicles, squeezing the customer spending power as the world sank to its deepest recessions ever recorded in history.

Every market sector has been affected greatly, causing contractions in all regional markets. It has been forecasted that the automotive logistics market size will increase at a CAGR of just -0.08% through 2023.

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