A comparison contrast list between an asset-lite and an asset-based 3PL provider

The best way to do a supply chain is to use a direct effect on the reputation and make sure that
you business is what it should be and it should a low-ball price. It is also safe to assume that any
service provider will make sure that the logistics of in the industry are handled correctly in the whole
process. So this article will take a look at the contrast list between an asset-lite and asset-based 3PL
provider. An asset-based 3PL is a logistics firm that owns many or all of the assets necessary to run a
client’s supply chain.

These assets include trucks, warehouses and distribution centers, among others. A non-asset based 3PL is a logistics provider that does not own the assets necessary to manage and implement a supply chain. Instead, a non-asset based 3PL offers its expertise in negotiating contracts with warehouses, trucking companies and distribution centers in order to manage your supply chain at the lowest possible cost to your business. Finally, look for a 3PL that has the flexibility to achieve the lowest costs with the highest-quality results for your supply chain. With that in mind, you would be well prepared to make an informed decision when choosing the best third-party logistics partner for all your logistics needs. So regardless of what you recall need and the different types of providers it is important to know that not everything is the same when it comes to an asset-lite and an asset-based 3PL provider.

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based 3PL Logistics Trucking Company that can assure you transparency from the port to your destination nationwide, request a free quote today and discover your asset-based logistics solution.

Difference Between Asset-Lite and Asset-Based 3PL
The Importance of the Port of Everglades

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