Truck Drivers and Drug Abuse

Loneliness, fatigue, and boredom are the leading causes
among truck drivers and drug abuse
Most truck drivers abuse cocaine and amphetamines
Drug abuse among truck drivers can cause addiction and death

Truck drivers are some of the professionals who are highly prone to substance abuse. Drug
abuse is a result of their solitary lives, traveling days and nights for countless miles without
company. They are expected to work for 70 hours in eight days and get paid as per the miles
they cover. The working conditions often pushes them beyond their physical capabilities, risking
their wellbeing. To fight loneliness, boredom, and fatigue, some of them turn to alcohol and
other drugs.

What Causes Drug Abuse Among Truck drivers?

Although many people would not expect truck drivers to abuse drugs, it is a serious issue that
the government and industry regulatory are fighting. Poor working conditions are the main
cause of drug abuse, according to a study conducted on truck drivers. As a result of the desolate
nature of the job and the long hours spend on the road, they turn to a mind-altering substance
to deal with the situation.
The more shifts truck drivers make, the higher the pay. The rush to cover more miles has led to
high substance abuse as they try to give the body the resilience it needs to cover longer shifts.
To keep up with the demand, they take more drugs which can lead to overdose and death to
the drivers or other road users.

Side Effects of drug abuse

To keep awake for long periods, truck drivers turn to drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines.
Others turn to alcohol to keep them distracted. The side of consuming these drugs include:
Impaired driving
Reckless driving
Death through accidents

Although the trucks on our highways keep our economy going, stress and loneliness are
pushing drivers into drug abuse. Drug abuse affects not only the driver but also the
company owner and the country at large. Truck drivers are encouraged to take enough rest, do
more day driving rather than night driving, join wellness programs and the company owners
should impose maximum hours on the road per day.

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