How shipping and trucking industries are preparing for the 2020 Ocean Vessel Fuel

 Why shipping companies will be required to burn low-sulfur fuel
 Why heavy fuel poses a threat to the environment
 The cost and operational impact of the new rules

The U.S Department of Commerce advisory committee has revealed that trucking and
shipping industries will be required to start using low-sulfur diesel by the year 2020. The new
rules are meant to improve the quality of air and mitigate the effects of sulfur to the
environment. When the rules come into effect, many companies will be affected, and
therefore, they are already preparing for the effects.

The impact of heavy fuel to the environment

For many years, shipping and trucking companies have been using heavy fuels even as
environmentalists criticize the action. It is believed that when these fuels are used, they emit
sulfur into the environment, and it has dangerous effects. For instance, scientists say that such
emissions are responsible for many respiratory diseases.

The operational impact of the new rules

Most companies are still uncertain about the operational impact of these rules. In addition to
that, they are still grappling with the cost of changing to low-sulfur fuel. However, what is
without a doubt is that they will have to spend heavily to comply with the regulations.
In a nutshell, changing to low-sulfur fuels will improve the quality of air and save marine life. It
is a good thing for both the vegetation and wildlife that has always been affected by the
emissions. From 2020, we will not have to worry about heavy fuels.

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