5 Most Scenic Drives In The USA

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5. Overseas Highway – Florida, USA

125 miles of US Route 1 runs over turquoise blue waters through the Florida Keys. This epic road links all of the keys together, making it perfect for island hopping and getting to know the Florida Caribbean better. Load up the car and hit one of the most unique and scenic roads in the United States.

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4. Valley Of Fire – Nevada, USA

Take in the Mars-like landscape that surrounds Nevada’s Valley of Fire. Rightfully named, this road weaves through colossal red sandstone formations in the rugged dessert and begs to be admired. Moreover, there are 2,000-year-old petroglyphs found in certain parts of the sandstone making for a perfect stop off.


3. Tioga Road – California, USA

Load up the car for a stunning alpine drive-through Yosemite. Tioga, a Mohawk term for “where it forks” will wind through Yosemite Valley and end at Mono Lake.  Here is where ancient mountain peaks and glacial lakes’ll leave you breathless.

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2. US Route 163 – Arizona/Utah, USA

Cruise the land of the Navajo and take in some of the United State’s most awe-inspiring desert landscape. Route 163 will take you through Monument Valley where Native American culture and orangey-red desert come together.


1. Denali Highway – Alaska, USA

135 miles of Alaskan wilderness make up this incredible scenic journey. Denali Highway is home to all the Alaskan gems like wildlife, glacial lakes, thick forests and the rugged mountainside. Be sure take note of the over 900 archaeological sites that are home to the Tangle Lakes which you will pass through.

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