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Make your business flourish by outsourcing your logistics operations to GoFreightHub. Our team knows how to provide a wide range of supply chain solutions to your company.

Initially, for startups, it’s quite difficult to survive in today’s dynamic environment unless you come up with a really innovative idea. Otherwise, the market is pretty much the same for almost every new entrant.

The markets are already saturated and building your brand in such a competitive market seems quite difficult. When this fear of failure is coupled with low initial budgets, things become more frustrating and unfortunately, this is one of the primary reasons for the failure of most of the brands out there.

So, it’s always recommended to outsource most of your operations to third party logistics companies, so that you can focus on what you’re good at, and let our teams handle what they’re good at.

3PL Services California

3PL Services in California

We provide logistics solutions to businesses operating in California. Our business infrastructure is equipped with highly advanced and automated technology that reduces the risk of human errors, giving you a quality service every single time.

Moreover, we offer technology-enabled logistics solutions which allows your business to have complete control over your freight. Our live GPS tracking system gives you an opportunity to track your freight and make valuable decisions accordingly.

We, at GoFreighHub, know how important it is to manage the logistics, even though it may not be one of the core activities of your business, but it’s directly linked with your manufacturing and customer experience. And both of these dimensions must keenly be observed so that your growing brand can build recognition in the market.

We proudly offer complete logistics solutions to your business and some of those factors that differentiate us from the rest of the players in the market, are mentioned below. Let’s have a look at our 3PL Services in California.

Packaging and Crating

Every business wants their inventory to stay safe and secure for a longer period of time. This can only be made with customized packaging solutions.

Since we deal in diverse product types, we offer customized packaging for your inventory which not only keeps the fragile items protected, but it also assists in increasing the shelf life of the perishable items.

Our warehousing and logistics services provide a 360° coverage of your packaging needs. It also eliminates the risk of making a wrong decision while deciding whether to follow the FIFO or LIFO approach.

It’s more like one of our value added services that is focused to provide you a cost effective logistics solution.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics has become a new trend, not in the United States but in the global logistics systems. With the rise in the world of ecommerce business, customers mostly return the products and the reasons can be numerous.

It becomes the responsibility of the 3PL companies to offer reverse logistics as well. The normal flow of the final products is from the manufacturer to the point of consumption (customer). However, if there’s any issue with the order, customers have an option to return the order back to the manufacturer.

In order to provide better customer service, we, being the leading 3PL company in the market, offer effective reverse logistics that helps businesses to smartly tackle the flaws in the chain.

Oversized Loading (warehousing and distribution)

Our heavy machinery and skilled team makes us capable enough to handle all kinds of oversized loading. We load and unload pretty much every size of container to provide you the transportation services that have no match.

We have a competitive advantage over other players in the market when it comes to handling oversized loading. Our team exploits every possible opportunity to make your transportation successful with us. This is why we’re one of the leading 3PL brands in the entire Southern California.

However, we’re not limited only to Southern California, but we provide our services across states that include Los Angeles and the entire North America. We proudly cover the west coast of the United States and provide valuable 3PL services to both developing and developed companies.

Dry Ice Packaging

GoFreightHub provides dry ice packaging that helps businesses ship their most valuable and temperature-sensitive items with ease. In the medical sector, vaccines and other sensitive medicines have to be shipped in dry ice to keep them safe.

A small fluctuation in temperature can make those vaccines become ineffective. So, we offer dry ice packaging that you can customize depending upon your product type and size.

Our dry ice packaging can be ordered from any of our facility stores. You can also get insulated container boxes for most of your perishable items.

Event Logistics

Along with the warehousing and distribution services, we also provide professional event logistics services.

Whether it’s a concert, wedding, annual business meeting, or any other event that involves public gathering, we provide everything that’s needed. We are an asset-based company which means we utilize our own resources in order to provide you a quick, yet cost effective experience.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers belong to a diverse set of industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, we hold cGMP standards and our pharma 3PL warehouses are fully licensed. We provide a safe environment for hospitals to store their medical accessories.

Along with pharmaceuticals, we also serve different retailers who want us to store their inventory in the warehouse and provide the inventory when the demand arises. We make it sure that the product stays on the shelf and no shelf remains empty.

We follow a Just-In-Time approach which helps retailers to keep their stocks on-shelf and a sufficient amount of products gets delivered in the store. The retail industry is quite interesting and challenging to step in. This is why many retailers don’t usually keep their stocks within their own warehouses as it increases the cost.

This is where our 3PL warehouse services come in. We provide storage spaces at strategic locations that help businesses make effective and efficient decisions on time.

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