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3PL Automations & Optimizations

3PL Automation

Freight Hub introduces a new way to manage 3PL operations and increase successful automation. We use tech-enhanced systems to properly manage all of our transportation operations- essentially automation runs countless systems, notifying dispatchers, drivers, and clients with real-time data. The first step towards normalizing these new advancements is our in-house transportation management system, Truck Hub. Truck Hub is a TMS that connects shippers, dispatchers, and drivers all on one, easy to use platform. It keeps track of all your active shipments and connects you to drivers at the press of a button. Its built-in automation system sends you status updates depending on driver location and shipment status.

3PL Optimizations

Automations for 3PL services by Freight Hub Container Port

Truck Hub further optimizes its tracking technology. MapView, one of Truck Hub’s main features, allows for both the map and driver list to be accessed from one screen. The map loads on the left and the drivers load on the right. As an asset-based provider with automation, all Freight Hub trucks come built in with Truck Hub’s geofencing technology. Trucks operating with Truck Hub leave behind a digital footprint that further optimizes all future routes. Geofencing algorithms have been built to quickly find the pick-up and delivery locations and the most effective route from one to the other. Powered by Freight Hub, it’s easy to see how Truck Hub will change the transportation industry landscape.

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