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It is a term used to describe the transportation of goods over a short distance. The container shipping industry concentrates on this mode of transport. These goods are transported in the same metropolitan area. It may take a single shift for the process to be complete.

The process of drayage
It begins with the receiving of freight in an intermodal point, a warehouse or port. The goods are then packed separately, loaded onto the container, and transported to its destination. The trucks which are used are useful in the transportation of goods in a short distance.

Classification of Drayage
To understand this better, one should look at the following list of ranking;
• Inter-carrier drayage
• Expedited drayage
• Intra-carrier drayage
• Door to door drayage
• Shuttle drayage
• Pier drayage

Inter-carrier drayage allows for transportation of goods between different carries, for example, the road and railroad modes. Expedited drayage is utilized for time-sensitive products that require quick road transportation. Intra-carrier drayage oversees the transportation of goods with the same carrier. Door to door drayage is where rights are taken to retail customers by road. Shuttle drayage requires the loading of products from a parking slot due to overcrowding at the hub. Pier drayage allows for products from the rail hub to be loaded at the dock.
Top Drayage Companies for Port Miami and Port Everglades
There are several companies that offer these services both at the port of Miami and everglades.

Among them are the following;
• Dray Hub
• RayHub
• Drayage FLA

Dray Hub ranks as the best in the top drayage companies for the port of Miami and Everglades. They use a tech-based platform to provide excellent drayage services. They own all of their equipment, thus ensuring reliability. Their operations are certified with the relevant authorities. Their strategic location ensures timely and cost-effective services.

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