As a result of an ever-changing global logistics market, Go Freight Hub strives to re-invent how a successful 3PL provider operates. Since 2004, the team have isolated a number of key pitfalls and market niches in the logistics marketplace and have utilized proprietary technology to provide on-demand, cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. As one of the fastest growing companies in the United States Go Freight Hub continues to provide the best in Nationwide Full Truckload (FTL) or Less than Truckload (LTL), Container Drayage, Cartage, Last Mile Delivery, Public Warehousing, Contract Distribution, Bonded Warehousing, Customs Brokerage, Cargo Screening, Vehicle Loading, Dangerous Goods, Temperature Controlled Storage, Container Freight Station, IBEC, CFS, Crating and Packaging Solutions and much more. Follow us on social media to watch our growth or contact us today to get started with a total 3PL provider.

To learn more about Go Freight Hub and our services, explore below.

Technology Enabled

We use the latest on-demand tracking tools and warehouse management systems to provide our clients with ultimate transparency. Confidence further builds with consistent and successful project completion.

Accurate & Fast

When in need of an urgent shipment, we can offer expedited services by road or by air. With locations close-by major sea and airports, Go Freight Hub can expedite your items to ensure real-time success.

Consistent Reliability

Since 2004, our company has been built on reliable service through technology-enabled solutions- in even the toughest of situations. Our experience allows us to make the correct decisions at a moment’s notice and to save time/money.

Go Freight Hub’s Industries

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is our most highly-prized service- taking more than 75% of our entire revenue stream. Our experience and knowledge allow us to pass cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Fine Wine & Spirits

In the fine wine and spirits industry, Go Freight Hub is able to offer almost all of its services. From ideal and safe storage to on-demand tracking on the road, take advantage of our compliant services.


With the development and exploration of mining companies, Go Freight Hub has been highly involved in providing equipment, storage, and transportation. Contact us today to learn how we can specifically help you.


With over 45 years of collective experience, Go Freight Hub has played a major role in the aeronautical industry. Our innovative on-demand technology can be used to push your business even further.

Cruise Ship

Go Freight Hub can handle cruise ship spare parts as well as handling the restocking of a cruise ship when it docks. Total one-stop-shop for all your sea-based needs.


Go Freight Hub handles construction projects- no matter the size. We can assist with inside and outside storage solutions, provide storage & transport equipment and offer digital solutions to alleviate operating costs.

Go Freight Hub Technology


As a technology-enabled 3PL, we pride ourselves on disrupting the ever changing logistics market with tools and solutions that meet our customers needs as well as make our employees more efficient. Through our on-demand proprietary technology, Go Freight Hub offers cost-effective & eco-friendly solutions; we extend these savings directly to our clients. As the best 3PL company in South Florida, we value utilize both quality team members and technology

Our on-demand technological solutions include: GoHazHub (via Go Hazmat Hub), Go Truck Hub, Logistico, Magaya, RMIS, Macropoint, Mcleod TMS, Teletrac, Carrier Rate.

These digital solutions integrate with our daily operations to provide ease of use, real-time responses, transparency and a central location to manage or track current items or projects. Experience the difference with a premiere 3PL provider, contact Go Freight Hub today.