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Hassle-Free Returns Processing


Hassle-Free Returns & Reverse Logistics

In business, it’s important to plan for any possible scenario. Go Freight Hub can not only help you get your shipment to its destination but can also help you in the case that your customer needs to return items. Reverse logistics management is important for you and your customer. Our expedited process helps your customers safely get their products back.

Above all, we make sure that YOUR customer has a positive returns experience that leaves them feeling content, regardless of the transaction is a return.

Asset-Based (3PL) Provider

All of our services, technology, and employees are in-house, proudly located in the sunny South Florida region. Go Freight Hub, as a tech-enabled 3PL provider, leverages in-house code development to complement our company-owned units- trucks, trailers, containers, forklifts, etc. This allows our certified team correctly to maintain such units to ensure safe operations and full functionality. With no leasing, contracts or third-parties to deal with, we can update our units with tech-enabled workflow optimization. For instance, with GPS live tracking capabilities and Samsara enhanced camera systems in each unit, our dispatchers can track cargo, update routes, calculate costs, and accountability all in one platform, via Go Truck Hub.

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We Cater To:
  • Brick & Mortar Retail
  • Web Based Retail
  • Return of Dangerous Goods
  • Tracking System Provided For All Shipments
  • WMS adds efficiency to the entire returns process


Manages all aspects of the supply chain system through an innovative & cost reducing approach.



We do our best to make sure that YOUR customer has the most positive return experience possible.

Go Freight Hub offers dry ice (also known as carbon dioxide) for export shipments, domestic ground shipments or ocean shipments. We provide 24/7 support on air or ocean shipments that require packaging with dry Ice cross docking, transloading, e-commerce. With dedicated dry-ice specialists, you can trust in your items traveling and storing under safe and secure conditions. Learn more about our dry ice services here.

Go Freight Hub Value Added Services

Packaging & Crating

Our top-notch packaging & crating services include non-regulated items, dangerous goods, & perishables.

U.S. Customs

Our team has experience with customs agencies and their regulations to make Go Freight Hub the perfect 3PL partner.

Payment Processing

Process payments immediately upon product 3pl fulfillment provider with Go Freight Hub.

Order Processing

We process orders quickly and efficiently to get your cargo to its destination.

Dangerous Goods

Our in-house Go Hazmat Hub Specialists are trained and certified to handle dangerous goods.

Reverse Logistics

Partner with Go Freight Hub for expedited customer returns & great service.

Oversized Loading

Trust Go Freight Hub with secure, transparent handling of your valued cargo.

Dry Ice

Go Freight Hub offers 24/7 support packing, sending, handling, and receiving dry ice services.

Trade Show Logistics

As a one-shop-stop, Go Freight Hub can support your trade show logistics with storage, transportation & installation.

Event Logistics

As a one-shop-stop, Go Freight Hub can support your event with storage, transportation, installation & assembly.

Hotel Logistics

Go Freight Hub offers on-demand tech for hotel logistics needs, such as transportation, 3pl warehous & asset-based services.

3PL News

The latest news in the 3PL industry, covering a wide range of industry-related topics.

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