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Retail Logistic Services With Tech-Enabled 3PL Solutions

Go Freight Hub has over a decade of experience in handling all types of duty free cargo, and managing major Retail Accounts. 3PL experts take the time to work with each customer on an individual basis catering to their unique FTZ needs.

With Go Freight Hub’s top of the line WMS, you can manage all of your bonded/foreign trade zone merchandise, along with all of your domestic merchandise, providing you with one singular platform for all inventory.

Go Freight Hub regularly receives U.S. made tobacco and spirits within it’s FTZ for the duty free, travel retail, and export markets.

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When you hire us, you get a dedicated 3PL expert to assist you with your freight needs. You can count on us to expertly guide your truckload, warehousing, or any other services you may need.

Our 3PL supervisor makes sure all our account managers are on track with all your needs.

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Includes 28 Pro-Tips to help you better anticipate, mitigate, manage, and in some cases prevent any unnecessary charges.


When it comes to ocean freight shipping in Florida, there is a lot to know to ensure you follow the appropriate steps when shipping into and out of Florida Ports.