Product fulfillment payment processing is fully supported by FreightHub.

How does this work?

Your company has an account with a third party “card not present” payment processing company such as Paypal or Once you open a merchant account, the third party attempts to collect payment. In just a few seconds the payment is collected and we – as your shipping warehouse — can attest to the payment being secure and completed.

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We take extra precautions and request classified information to prevent fraudulent charges :

  • CVV Code – Card Verification Value – Adds security by asking the payee to further validate the credit card number provided on the rear of the card.
  • AVS – Address Verification System – We compare the address provided to the address on file for the card being used.
  • Credit Card Country – Request that the payee confirm what country the card was issued in.


Our eCommerce expertise allows us to attest when a payment is secure.



We also combine payment processing services with smart packaging shipping and more.

With FreightHub you can count on our award-winning, dependable domestic transportation services. We own our own assets and offer wholesale solutions for all your domestic transportation needs. We provide Nationwide Transport in the USA, Special Equipment needs, Container Drayage, TSA Approved Airport Transfers, Last Mile and Local Pick Up and Delivery Services.
A Customs Bonded Warehouse is a building or secure areas in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment or duty. Upon entry of goods into the warehouse, the importer and warehouse proprietor incur liability under a bond.
Our In-House Bonded Truckers and CFS Warehouse are less than two miles from the Miami-International Airport., and less than 15 miles from the local seaports in Dade and Broward!



Packaging & Crating

Our top-notch packaging & crating services include non-regulated items, dangerous goods, & perishables.

Payment Processing

Process payments immediately upon product fulfillment with FreightHub.

Reverse Logistics

Partner with FreightHub for expedited customer returns & great service.

Art Basel Setup

As a one-shop-stop, FreightHub can support your Art Basel event or venue with storage, transportation & installation.


U.S. Customs

Our team has experience with customs agencies and their regulations to make FreightHub the perfect 3PL partner.

Order Processing

We process orders quickly and efficiently to get your cargo to its destination.

Oversized Loading

Trust FreightHub with secure, transparent handling of your valued cargo.

Trade Show Logistics

As a one-shop-stop, FreightHub can support your trade show logistics with storage, transportation & installation.

Hotel Logistics

FreightHub offers on-demand tech for hotel logistics needs, such as transportation, warehousing & asset-based services.

Certified Cargo Screening

We are one of 400 currently approved Certified Cargo Screening Facilities because our staff members have been properly trained in CCS.

Dangerous Goods

Our in-house HazmatHub Specialists are trained and certified to handle dangerous goods.

Dry Ice

FreightHub offers 24/7 support packing, sending, handling, and receiving dry ice services.

Event Logistics

As a one-shop-stop, FreightHub can support your event with storage, transportation, installation & assembly.

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