At FreightHub, we understand that it is costly if we don’t notify our clients and enter on the incoming Bill of Lading that cargo was received damaged. When WMS damaged cargo is received, it is notified and linked so that our clients receive this information in real time. If we notify our clients and they ask us to proceed with receiving, we are able to provide in-house packaging and crating.

FreightHub Advantages:

We can package and crate non-regulated merchandise, dangerous goods, and perishables. To ensure international compliance, we have a ready stock of ISPM- 15 crates, 4GV UN spec packaging for dangerous goods, 1A1 drums, 1A2 drums, salvage drums, and fumigated pallets.

Our entire operation is on regularly inspected by CBP, FAA, TSA and local city inspectors. We are TSA, CCSP, FAA, CBP, and City of Doral approved.

Once we have completed the crating process we can assist with our Trusted Partner Carriers to provide you a delivery quote Nationwide!



In-house specialists in packaging and crating for a variety of merchandise assisted with high-tech logistics and procedures.



A dedicated team ready to bring the speed of delivery and reliability.

With FreightHub you can count on our award-winning, dependable domestic transportation services. We own our own assets and offer wholesale solutions for all your domestic transportation needs. We provide Nationwide Transport in the USA, Special Equipment needs, Container Drayage, TSA Approved Airport Transfers, Last Mile and Local Pick Up and Delivery Services.

Freight Hub Value Added Services

Packaging & Crating

Our top-notch packaging & crating services include non-regulated items, dangerous goods, & perishables.

U.S. Customs

Our team has experience with customs agencies and their regulations to make FreightHub Group the perfect 3PL partner.

Payment Processing

Process payments immediately upon product fulfillment with FreightHub Group.

Order Processing

We process orders quickly and efficiently to get your cargo to its destination.

Dangerous Goods

Our in-house HazmatHub Specialists are trained and certified to handle dangerous goods.

Reverse Logistics

Partner with FreightHub Group for expedited customer returns & great service.

Oversized Loading

Trust FreightHub with secure, transparent handling of your valued cargo.

Dry Ice

FreightHub offers 24/7 support packing, sending, handling, and receiving dry ice services.

Trade Show Logistics

As a one-shop-stop, FreightHub Group can support your trade show logistics with storage, transportation & installation.

Event Logistics

As a one-shop-stop, FreightHub Group can support your event with storage, transportation, installation & assembly.

Hotel Logistics

FreightHub Group offers on-demand tech for hotel logistics needs, such as transportation, warehousing & asset-based services.

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