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The beautiful state of North Carolina provides a number of unique 3PL advantages, especially for local distribution as well as nationwide shipping.

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Freight Hub is a full-service, asset-based 3PL provider which means we never outsource. Our 3PL experts can assist you with your Nationwide Full Truckload (FTL) needs.

Our team of engineers combined with trucking assets can perform any transportation service with an “Uber-Like” experience.

Using Live GPS tracking, geofencing algorithms, automated updates, all in one online platform and professional company drivers and dispatchers to move your freight.

FreightHub Group provides excellent truckload shipping services and distribution

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North Carolina Ports Authority

North Carolina Trucking

Port Wilmington, Port of Moreheard City and more just some of the many points of contact for modern-day logistics in North Carolina. Review the helpful tips and protocols to the right to gain insights into optimized 3PL exchanges in North Carolina.

Trucker’s North Carolina Port Checklist:

  • Complete the account registration form in our Terminal Operating System (MACH).
  • You will need a North Carolina Ports badge as well as a valid TWIC card to enter their gates.
  • Be sure to have proper handling orders.
  • Keep in mind their varying terminal hours depending on your destination.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is required (vest, safety shoes).
  • Speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Truck drivers are to remain in trucks at all times while in the container yard.
  • Locking of pins to be done at the interchange.

TWIC In North Carolina

TWIC was established by Congress in the Maritime Transportation Security Act and the Security and Accountability for Every Port Act to serve as an identification program for all Coast Guard credentialed mariners and personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas within a port.

Anyone who needs unescorted access to secure areas of North Carolina Ports facilities must present a valid TWIC. This includes all Ports employees, longshoremen, tenants and their employees, truck drivers, delivery drivers, shipping agents and other customer representatives. The secure areas are inside the gates at both ports. Anyone who needs to drive through the gates at either port must present both a North Carolina Ports badge to swipe on the card readers and a TWIC card to show the gate officers.

Process for Obtaining a TWIC:

The current processing time for a TWIC card is roughly 60-90 days. It is important for anyone who needs the credential to enroll as soon as possible. Pre-enrollment speeds up the process by allowing workers to provide biographic information and to schedule a time to complete the application process in person, eliminating waiting at enrollment centers. Pre-enroll online at