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FreightHub provides asset-based nationwide transportation brokerage services; offering a balance of company-owned units, proprietary software, and dedicated market niche organizations to accomplish your 3PL needs.

Utilizing innovative technology and our units, our independently certified employees are able to offer unique & customizable 3PL options. The industry is ever-evolving with each member of the chain requiring unique points of attention. FreightHub recognizes this challenge and uses digital solutions like TruckHub, Magaya, conquer these industry-wide concerns.

Our sister motor carrier companies- LTLHub, DrayHub and FTLHub- provide additional points of quality control, value-added services, and workflow optimization. Read on to learn more about our nationwide transportation services.

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With dedicated, specific-service motor carriers, FreightHub can help you with a number of container drayage, local cargo deliveries and nationwide transportation based services.

As shown to the right, FTLHub assists with full truckload, nationwide trucking, DrayHub provides on-demand container drayage services, and LTLHub offers last-mile and less than truckload (LTL) deliveries. Connecting each one, enabling unique advantages and cost-effective operations. Explore each one or contact us here to learn more.

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With hyper-focused regulations, protocols, training, and equipment, FreightHub brings into service WHSEHub and HazmatHub to ensure 100% compliant and secure value-added resources.

WHSEHub provides a number of 24/7 secure 3PL warehousing and public storage sites, with each facility offering flexible floor and rack space. HazmatHub offers both online and on-site 3PL hazmat services, such as but not limited to federal/state required training, operational compliance, cargo packaging, labeling, storage, and transportation.

Do you have specific OSHA or IATA question? Not sure what type of packaging to use for car batteries? Maybe you have a chemical emergency and you need a professional to arrive on-site? Our certified hazmat team will be happy to alleviate and eliminate your hazmat-related concerns.

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Nationwide Container Drayage

Our independently tested and reliable nationwide team is your single point of contact for container drayage throughout the United States. With specific protocols and strategic Port locations in place, our team can assist you faster than other providers for all your import/export, storage, and drayage transportation needs.

Compliance & Training

Does your team require 3PL training or specific service compliance? With digital and physical resources available, our employees can guide you into becoming a logistics guru. Maybe you have an emergency and require a professional to arrive on-site to help? We provide 3PL specific consultations, helping manage costs for operators.


Less than Truckload Deliveries

We have carefully crafted our own less than truckload (LTL) and last-mile platform to provide our customers with the greatest level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Tapping into the dedicated expertise of LTLHub, accomplishing the final-mile delivery becomes a hassle-free process.

Rail Intermodal Shipping

Reduce the cargo handling aspect minimizing time and costs for all your goods transportation with our railroad intermodal network. With modular systems and strategic relationships in place, we can help speed up your shipments while maintaining normal rates. Our evolving technology allows us to provide innovative approaches in this 3PL sub-sector.

Nationwide Expedited Freight Service

The FreightHub team excels at providing the quickest work, with the highest degree of quality. No exception is given for our national freight services and both DrayHub and FTLHub can further assist with dedicated freight transportation and port services; learn more about our air, sea, and land-based transportation services here.

Global 3PL Power

FreightHub serves clients in North America, South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean Islands; with a comprehensive set of services that reach wide ranges, our employees can help you with your cargo needs on a global scale. Educate yourself on both the domestic and international 3PL markets through our blog, or contact us here to learn more about our 3PL services.

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