How new media outlets are using technology to inform and update a cottage industry

challenges that the cottage industry faces
latest technology trends in marketing
The impact of social media

For many years, the cottage industry has been changing the way that it reaches out to potential
customers. The fact that it is a labor-intensive industry that is mostly ran from home means
that they have to find ways of getting to buyers. With the advancement in technology, business
owners in this industry have been finding better ways to market their products.

The impact of digital marketing

New media outlets such as Freight Hub Group and Freight Wave have invested heavily in digital
marketing. It is because they know that it is one of the easiest ways that cottage and 3PL
industry can get to their customers. With digital marketing, new trends have been emerging all
the time, and so, it is good to know the latest ones so that you can stay in touch with your

How social media has helped the cottage industry

New media outlets have also discovered that the social media is a powerful tool when it comes
to marketing for small businesses. Studies show that there are billions of people who are active
on social media sites all the time, and they can form a god customer base.
Marketing for the cottage and 3PL industries can only get better because new innovations are
being made every day. Going forward, the industries will not experience the many problems
that they faced when it comes to marketing.

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