Effective and Efficient
Last Mile Delivery Services in Florida

Last Mile Delivery is what makes today’s fast delivery times possible. Localised transportation hubs store goods and quickly distribute them when required. Software solutions are used to reduce the cost of the process.

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Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Get personalised and reliable Last Mile Deliveries within 150-mile radius of South Florida, committed to highly flexible and efficient service we can provide airport transfer, local pickup and delivery, and Amazon FBA Delivery. Our Equipment includes; 110 Power Units, 53 ft Trailer and Refrigerated Trailers, 26 ft box trucks, 16 ft box trucks, Vans, Flat Beds, Low Boy, Land Doll, and RGN. With Go Freight Hub as your trucking company of choice, you are guaranteed a single rate quote with no additional charges. Our rates are “All In,”which means the price quoted includes everything — no hidden fees!

The logistics of Last Mile Delivery Solutions & Software

Efficient solutions allow a last mile delivery company to minimise costs and damage to the environment; these techniques often increase accuracy in order fulfilment by utilising last mile delivery technology.

Important Last Mile Delivery Management Software includes:


Delivery Route Planning and Optimization

Enhanced software effectively plans delivery routes based on recipient destinations and required fulfilment times. By automatically assigning packages to delivery drivers, this technology creates optimized maps for delivery trucks to meet their ETA demands.


Real-Time Delivery Fleet Location Tracking

The status of an order before, during and after delivery plays a major role in customer satisfaction. So, fleet tracking clearly displays the progress of shipment fulfilment and provides key information as the order makes its way from the last mile delivery hub to the recipient.


Final Delivery Data and Trend Analysis

Visualising the performance of deliveries will help final mile delivery companies to make decisions to improve delivery speeds and customer satisfaction. Metrics such as, ETA accuracy and fleet cost-analysis can signal errors in software optimization or freight distribution techniques.

Go Freight Last Mile Delivery service Main Points:

The most crucial stage in a product’s journey to the customer’s doorstep is its last mile. To keep this process as efficient as possible, a company will utilize a last mile delivery service where the product is shipped to a smaller warehouse hub and then assigned to a delivery truck and driver to be taken to the final destination. The company selling goods will pay a last mile delivery provider and expect them to take care of all logistical responsibilities after they receive the shipments.

Also referred to as ‘final mile delivery service’, this method aims to reduce costs of delivery by assigning nearby packages to certain driver routes in order to minimise driver time and fuel expenses. Customer satisfaction can be greatly improved because final mile services provide up-to-date shipment tracking and estimated arrival times, creating a smooth and informative experience for the recipient.

Last Mile deliveries

Costs of Last Mile Delivery Services

last mile delivery definition

If a package is not delivered, due to poor communication or other logistical issues, then the resulting redelivery or solution will come at a cost. Redelivery increases (and in most cases doubles) the last mile delivery cost per package due to increased requirements of fuel and driver time. Therefore, efficiency of communication and delivery procedure is paramount to the low costs of final mile delivery services. To keep recipients well informed, many final mile delivery companies offer platforms for communication between drivers and customers; this way, customers can adapt to any delays or issues with the shipment and the need for redelivery is minimised.

Overall delivery costs are also monitored by the earlier mentioned last mile delivery software, which optimize the process and reduce unnecessary driving due to poor route management. By ensuring packages are matched with the most appropriate truck sizes and driver capabilities, the costs of order fulfilment can be kept as low as possible.

Key Characteristics of Main Last Mile Delivery Hubs

Changing consumer demand requires quicker delivery times than ever before. So, when companies with goods to ship turn to last mile delivery providers, time is of the essence. With speed in mind, final mile delivery hubs must be optimised to deliver orders efficiently, in order to stay competitive and retain custom. To the untrained eye they look like small warehouses, but a last mile delivery hub is a complex location with optimised procedures, workers and vehicles that are all streamlined to avoid shipping delays.

Common traits of efficient Last Mile Hubs include:

  • Organised and Labelled Item Storage – Enabling quick and easy access when it’s time to send.
  • Allocated Loading Areas – After delivery routes are planned, these spaces help avoid error in transfer from hub to vehicle.
  • Synchronised Technology – Up-to-date software and tech keeps the distribution process smooth and all workers have access to the same information – reducing risk of double orders.

Go Freight Hub Main Service Points:

  • Port of Miami
  • Port Everglades
  • Miami International Airport
  • Local Home Delivery South Florida
  • FBA Approved
  • B2B Delivery
  • Cruise Ship Deliveries

The 3PL Advantage

We are committed to offering our transportation services with “No Owner Operators.” Our equipment is company-owned and operated, providing our clients with the most efficient and reliable service without the pressure of managing drivers during offloads.All of our drivers are TSA Approved, Hazmat Approved and have a minimum of 5 Years of trucking experience prior to their first day on the job.

Go Freight Hub Value Added Services

Packaging & Crating

Our top-notch packaging & crating services include non-regulated items, dangerous goods, & perishables.

Reverse Logistics

Partner with Go Freight Hub for expedited customer returns & great service.

Oversized Loading

Trust Go Freight Hub with secure, transparent handling of your valued cargo.

Dry Ice

Go Freight Hub offers 24/7 support packing, sending, handling, and receiving dry ice services.

Last Mile Delivery

Reliable last-mile deliveries in a 150-mile radius from Miami. Track your cargo in real-time & direct communicate with your driver.

Container Drayage

As a one-shop-stop, Go Freight Hub offers customizable Container Drayage services including committed capacity and modal alternatives selected to fit your needs.

Dry Van Trucking

Go Freight Hub offers multiple rate options and strong transport lanes that are sure to cover all of your trucking needs.

Yard Storage

5-Acre Yard Storage space in South Florida. You can trust us to safely and securely store your goods and equipment.

Residential Delivery

We provide all of our customers with multiple shipping rates and options. Delivering detailed reports of the entire service from start to finish.

Heavy Hauling

Go Freight Hub offers a network of operators and support personnel that are experienced with all types of heavy loads and oversized transport.

Refrigerated Trucking

Go Freight Hub provides flexibility, consistency, and unbeatable prices for refrigerated truckload services across the entire USA, except Hawaii and AK.

U.S. Customs

We specialize in U.S custom clearance and type 21 bonded warehouse entries. We also provide informal inbonds such as IT, TE, or IE’s.

Payment Processing

Process payments immediately upon product fulfillment with Go Freight Hub.

Order Processing

We process orders quickly and efficiently to get your cargo to its destination.

Pick & Pack Portal

Save time and money utilizing in-house strategies to effectively complete projects.

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