Georgia Trucking
Freight Logistics

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The beautiful state of Georgia provides a number of unique 3PL advantages, especially for nationwide full truckload.

Georgia Trucking

Freight Logistics

Trucking Company Near You

The beautiful state of Georgia provides a number of unique 3PL advantages, especially for nationwide full truckload.

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Reliable 3PL Solutions With Nationwide Coverage

Go Freight Hub is a full-service, asset-based 3PL provider which means we never outsource. Our 3PL experts can assist you with your Nationwide Full Truckload (FTL) needs.

Our team of engineers combined with trucking assets can perform any transportation service with an “Uber-Like” experience.

Using Live GPS tracking, geofencing algorithms, automated updates, all in one online platform and professional company drivers and dispatchers to move your freight.

Go Freight Hub provides excellent nationwide full truckload shipping services and distribution outlets.

Talk to a 3PL Expert: 1-888-219-4544

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Georgia Ports Authority

Georgia Trucking

As a state authority, a thirteen-member Board of Directors governs the activities of the GPA. The Board is appointed by the Governor, from the state at large, to serve four-year, staggered terms. A Chief Executive Officer, an experienced international transportation professional, implements policy directives, administrative duties and managerial controls.

As one of the state’s largest public employers, the GPA directly employs almost 1,100 trained logistics professionals. The GPA, however, is responsible for generating far more employment throughout the state. GPA operations, together with private sector, port-related operations, account for more than 369,000 jobs statewide, $84.1 billion dollars in revenue, and income exceeding $20.4 billion annually.

As of late July 2019, Savannah Port moves record amount auto volumes near 650,000 units!

Georgia Ports:
  • The Port of Savannah, home to the largest single-terminal container facility of its kind in North America, is comprised of two modern, deepwater terminals: Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal. Together, these facilities exemplify the GPA’s exacting standards of efficiency and productivity. Garden City Terminal is the fourth busiest container handling facilities in the United States, encompassing more than 1,200 acres and moving millions of tons of containerized cargo annually.
  • Ocean Terminal, Savannah’s dedicated breakbulk and Roll-on / Roll-off facility, covers 200.4 acres and provides customers with more than 1.4 million square feet of covered, versatile storage.
  • The Port of Brunswick is comprised of three GPA-owned deepwater terminals, two of which are directly operated by the GPA. The port’s well-earned reputation for productivity and efficiency is heightened by its position as one of the fastest growing auto and heavy machinery ports in North America. Today, more than 12 major auto manufacturers, supported by three auto processors, utilize the Colonel’s Island Terminal. The terminal is also home to the South Atlantic’s fastest growing bulk export / import operation. Agri-products from Georgia and the rich U.S. grain belt, as well as import products, flow smoothly across the Colonel’s Island docks.
  • Brunswick’s Mayor’s Point Terminal facilitates the export of Georgia’s valuable forest products, while Marine Port Terminals, operated by Logistec U.S.A., specializes in the handling of breakbulk and bulk commodities.