Freight Hub we are the “ Ultimate Asset Based 3PL”

At Freight Hub we are the “ Ultimate Asset Based 3PL” Our team of engineers combined with
trucking assets can perform any transportation service with an ”Uber-Like” experience.

Customer ABC Freight Forwarding has been having issues with finding reliable carriers for local
and national deliveries. ABC Freight wants to evolve their business and have a partner who is
tech-minded and can provide asset-based services.

Customer ABC Distribution is having a problem when it comes to warehousing. They want to
focus on sales and not manage a warehouse, insurance, labor, training and paperwork.
What is the solution?

Freight Hub. At Freight Hub We have these issues covered. We are the complete “Asset-Based
3PL”. We blend technology, assets, and customer service to combine transportation and
distribution, all with 1 point of contact…

ABC Wholesale is in New York and is looking for a Last-Mile Carrier in South Florida to provide
same day, local deliveries. Every company they email does not provide rates or a tracking
solution and ABC’s customers want the same experience they get on Amazon!

LTL Hub, powered by Truck Hub, has all your last-mile delivery needs covered. LTL Hub provides
an “Uber-Like” experience using live GPS Tracking, geofencing algorithms, automated updates,
and more all on one online, cloud-based platform and professional company drivers and
dispatchers to move your freight.

ABC Brokers is an asset-light broker who needs an asset-based carrier for all their full truckload
needs in the USA. ABC wants integrations, automation and automatic updates. They would also
like a platform to run their business on that provides real-time data analytics.

FTL Hub’s Nationwide platform covers all 48 STATES with Truck Hub, a modern TMS Platform
for today’s modern businesses. ABC Brokers can rely on FTL Hub’s assets and proprietary cloud-
based technology allows customers and vendors a wide array of synergies throughout the
supply chain.

ABC Distribution is in search for a public warehouse in South Florida. ABC doesn’t want the
hassle of renting a large warehouse. They want a flex space solution that allows for dynamic
growth at any given time. Calling around, ABC does not find a provider who can easily answer
the phone or provide a detailed rate sheet.

Until one quick google search later and WHSE Hub is found online. WHSE Hub has 100,000 sq.
ft. of public warehouse space conveniently located 3.5 miles from Miami International Airport,

12 miles from Port of Miami and 21 miles from Port Everglades. WHSE Hub is the ideal neutral
partner for warehousing, short or long term.

Container Drayage is an extremely important part of the supply chain. Millions of TEU’s are
exported and imported from Port of Miami and Port Everglades yearly. Drayage has always
been an outdated, cottage-based industry with very poor customer service and no technology.
Is there anything Freight Hub can do for me?

Using Dray Hub, powered by Freight Hub, bringing container drayage to today’s modern world
is a thing of the present. With over 110 assets, 400 + chassis, and proprietary Truck Hub
Technology, Dray Hub is your go to asset-based provider with the only digital footprint in the
South Florida market. Control all your shipment on a Map View, Live Track Platform and access
rates instantly.

Hooray!!! Thanks to Freight Hub all my FTL, LTL and FCL needs are covered. Combining
warehousing with a transportation provider is no longer a dream, it’s a dream come true.
Freight Hub: A technology company that is founded on engineers to clean up the outdated
trucking industry one load at a time!

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based 3PL Logistics Trucking Company
that can assure you transparency from the port to your destination nationwide, request a free quote today and discover your asset-based logistics solution.

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