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ECommerce Fulfillment Partner

Our wide range of services makes us a one-stop service shop for e-businesses; consider us becoming a part of your online business team when you choose us as an e-commerce fulfillment partner. We enjoy working with online businesses of all sizes. Whether your business is in the startup phase or is well established, whether it has 1,000 orders a day or 100 orders a day, our service as your fulfillment partner is the same.

The distinct advantage our operations has over the competition is the digital solutions we have created through our in-house team of developers. Tapping into the power of external technology only further complements our overall business model. For instance, Logistico (by Magaya) connects your shopping carts and marketplaces, creating an easy-to-use order fulfillment and inventory management software. Sync your inventory information across all channels while consolidating orders from marketplaces and online stores. Plus, you can automatically route online orders right to us, your trusted fulfillment partner. You can even track shipping in real-time from major shipping providers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Your business has a lot of moving parts. In today’s modern, fast-paced world those parts extend to the world wide web. If your internet-based company is looking for a smooth and efficient shipper to handle the delivery of their products look no further than FreightHub.

(Tech-Enabled) 3PL Warehousing

Understanding the 3PL cycle, FreightHub recognizes the detail-oriented sub-services of 3PL warehouse and public storage. With this in mind, FreightHub powers WHSEHub- warehouse storage facilities throughout the United States, utilizing technology as the primary solution to the industry’s current lapses. Magaya, our warehouse management system (WMS), provides a straight-forward way for our team to track, monitor and update a number of cargo-related data-sets. Each location is accessible 24/7 and contains its own set of security systems as well as a physical security detail.

Daily Transactions
Average Orders
Live Camera Feed
E-Commerce Fulfillment Services Include:
  • Full integration with existing online shopping platforms
  • Climate controlled storage
  • 24/7 Live video feed of warehouse
  • Domestic and international shipping and tracking
  • Reverse logistics (return shipping)
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Digital and asset-based resources

Use our E-Commerce order fulfillment center and get the goods into the hands of your customers with ease.


With Sunship we will integrate fully with your existing online shopping platform.


SunShip, a Miami based E-Commerce Logistics company,  offer end-to-end fulfillment solutions for Amazon FBA, Subscription Boxes, Retail, and Multi-Channel E-Commerce shops. From the time your customer fills their cart to the delivery at their residence, as a SunShip client you will be able to track it all.

Learn more about SunShip’s mission, services, and technology here.

SunShip Membership

SunShip customers will be able to create a personalized profile and get exclusive features, promotions, and services from the SunShip team. Communicate in real-time with your account manager just by selecting the account manager tab located under the member’s menu and sending them a message through our exclusive member messenger system.

Responsive and on-demand service goes hand-in-hand with our proprietary software, combining the best parts of the human element with innovative technology.

ECommerce Support

When you fulfill with SunShip, you’re not just getting access to warehouses, with over 160,000 sq ft of space, that is minutes from Miami International Airport. You’re essentially gaining a new business partner- a whole team of dedicated employees committed to strategizing the most efficient E-Commerce Fulfillment Solution for you!

We have multiple technologies that give every client complete visibility from integrating with your existing online store to tracking shipments on a live map, and even sourcing the most competitive shipping rates for every order. Sound good to you? Learn more here.


Container Freight Station

Asset-based trucking and warehousing are less than two miles from Miami International Airport- perfect for bonded cargo.

Bonded Warehouse

Safely store imported goods for up 5 years at our Class 3 Bonded Warehouse. Transparent technology allows tracking on all items.

Pick and Pack

Pick-and-Pack services save clients valuable time and money. Our team of warehousing specialists carefully utilize in-house strategies to effectively complete projects.

Cold Storage

Keep your merchandise cool and safe in our temperature-controlled containers and warehouses. Our warehouses can handle any item- no matter how sensitive.

Vehicle Loading

Our team of trained professionals is skilled at handling vehicles while loading them into containers.


Lower over-heard by reducing shipping and handling times with FreightHub’s Cross-Docking services. Productivity-focused to quickly and accurately move forward.


FreightHub’s Transloading services were specifically designed to quickly and efficiently follow protocol. This allows for seamless productivity to flow across departments.

Travel-Retail Warehousing

Handle all of your Retail Warehousing needs using our technology-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS).

3PL Warehouse

Our public warehousing facility in Miami, Florida is the best on-demand solution for seamless 3PL supply chain management.

Inventory Management

FreightHub’s Inventory Management System provides 24/7 tracking of our client’s assets. Transparent technology and operations provide our clients with confidence and ease of mind.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Make FreightHub your e-commerce fulfillment partner. Allow us to take your operations to the next step with a team of professionals ready to work.


Freight Pharma. is a customizable supply chain solution for global distribution and storage of dry pharmaceutical trade.

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