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A Look into the 2020 Ocean Vessel Fuel Mandate

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How shipping and trucking industries are preparing for the 2020 Ocean Vessel Fuel? Mandate  Why shipping companies will be required to burn low-sulfur fuelWhy heavy fuel poses a threat to the environmentThe cost and operational impact of the new rules…

Effect of Trade War in Transport Sector

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Trade is the backbone of a thriving economy. The US economy is likely to receive significant negative impacts due to the recent US-China trade war. This is due to increased tariffs levied on goods imported from China, thus causing a…
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Media and Marketing in the 3PL Industry

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How new media outlets are using technology to inform and update a cottage industry For many years, the cottage industry has been changing the way that it reaches out to potential customers. The fact that it is a labor-intensive industry…

Comparison Between 3PL’s and 4PL’s Providers

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Is 3PL similar to 4PLHow different are these logistics providers?Which among the two is more common and why? Learn more about 3PL and 4PL logistical systems In a third party logistics, a provider may subcontract transport and logistics outsourced to…

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